Top 20 Songs - September 2017

Thursday, 14th September

It's been a long time since I last posted on this "blog". It's joke looking back at what I used to post thinking I was sick and it was only last year. 

I thought I'd share with you my top 20 songs like I used to do.

20. Unforgettable - French Montana ft. Swae Lee

19. Bestie - Yungen ft. Yxng Bane

18. Blem - Drake

 17. Never Let Go 
(Armanda Music) - Mandal & Forbes

16. Mr Skeng - Stormzy

15. Whippin Excursion - Giggs

14. Lose My Breath 
(Josh Coyne Remix) - Destiny's Child 

13. All Cried Out
 (The Magician Remix) - Blonde ft. Alex Newell

12. Shape of You (Yxng Bane Remix) - Ed Sheehan ft. Yxng Bane

11. It's Every Night Sis - Ricegum ft. Alissa Violet

10. It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul ft. Team 10

9. No Option - Chance Sutton ft. Anthony Trujillo ft. Landon

8. Queen & a Double - Joe Weller ft. Elliot Crawford

7. KMT - Drake ft. Giggs

6. You Are Mine - Forbes

5. XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

4. Fine Wine - Yang Bane ft. Kojo Funds

3. Bank Account - 21 Savage

2. U With Me? - Drake

1. Star67 - Drake

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Festival Makeup

Tuesday, 21st June

Since it is festival season, I wanted to share with you a look that I have come up with. This is a very generic look that a lot of people wear to festivals. Personally, I have never been to a festival before but I am going to Leeds festival this year at the end of August and I might wear this look.

The makeup is actually very simple. I put gold eyeshadow on the lid and blended a mauve colour into the crease. I did a simple wing using liquid eyeliner and popped a line of white eyeshadow under the wing. On the lower lash line, I put blue eyeshadow with purple eyeshadow placed on top and winged that out under the white. I put a mauve toned lipstick on, put white dots above my eyebrows using a white eyeliner and did my face as normal but put a shit tonne of highlighter everywhere, and that's pretty much all I did.

I really love this look, it's fun and different, and perfect to wear to a festival. The gold eyeshadow on my lid paired with the blue and purple eyeshadow on my lower lash line really made my eye colour pop. So, if you have blue eyes I recommend this combination.

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Top 20 Songs - June

Monday, 20th June

Hello, I haven't posted on my blog in 2 months. In the past 2 months, I have found so many songs that I have been obsessed with. Because I haven't posted in a while and because I have so many amazing songs I want to share with you, I am going to name my top 20 songs that I have been loving. Enjoy...

20. Faded - Zhu

FML - Kanye West

Skin Deep - Dusky

 17. Preach - Drake

16. All This - Jay Pryor

15. Cut It - O. T. Genasis ft. Young Dolph

14. Cruel Night - James Oklander & Stephen Murphy

13. Listen - Curtis Gabriel

12. Love Yourself (Stephen Murphy Remix) - Justin Bieber

11. Too Good - Drake & Rihanna

10. Wrist - Chris Brown ft Solo Lucci

9. Controlla - Drake

8. Freak Like Me - Lee Walker vs Dj Deeon

7. Pop Style - Drake & The Throne

6. Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2 - Drake ft. Jay-Z

5. Scholarships - Drake & Future

4. Planez - Jeremih ft. J.Cole

3. Company (Tom Budin Remix) - Justin Bieber

2. Breathe - WHTKD

1. Wasting Time - Zac Samuel ft Hayley May 

The song that I am currently obsessed with that I discovered the other day is the second favourite song in my list which is Breathe - WHTKD, but Wasting Time - Zac Samuel ft. Hayley May has been the song I have mostly listened to over the past two months.

I have mostly been listening to Drake and house songs and if you're into that sort of music, make sure to check them out.

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Top 10 Songs - April

Wednesday, 6th April

Hello, I know it's pretty much only the beginning of April but I wanted to share with you the songs I have been loving the past 2 months. I never got round to posting a top 10 songs for march so I thought I would post my april music favourites now. It was difficult to put these songs in order of how much I've been loving them as a lot are pretty much tied. I have found so many good house songs and have also been hooked on songs outside of the house genre. 

10. Found My Light (The Layabouts Remix - Edited) - Imaani

Rambo (The Weeknd Remix) - Bryson Tiller & The Weeknd

Come and See Me - PARTYNEXTDOOR ft Drake

 7. Wait For A Minute - Justin Bieber ft Tyga

6. My Love - Majid Jordan (Remix)

5. Big Round & Juicy - Jaded ft. Scrufizzer (VIP Mix)

4. My Love (Noize Generation Bootleg) - Route 94 ft Jess Glynne

3. All Eyes On Me - Meek Mill ft Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj

2. Right Hand - Drake

1. When A Fire Starts To Burn - Disclosure

My favourite song by far has been When A Fire Starts to Burn by Disclosure. It's such a good song in my opinion and always gets me up and jamming. 

If you like house and the songs listed above, then you should go follow me on soundcloud here and check out the other songs on there.

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Carli Bybel Palette Review

Wednesday, 6th April

Hello, I am coming at you today with a review of the bh cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette.

I received this palette around a month and a half ago so I have had some time to test out this palette and let you know my thoughts on it.

Carli Bybel is well known for her makeup tutorials on youtube. Together with bh cosmetics, they have created this stunning palette with 10 eyeshadow and 4 highlighter shades.

This small, compact palette, together with a mirror is perfect for on the go and has many shades of eyeshadow and highlighter which compliment many skin tones.

There are 4 matte eyeshadows, 6 shimmery eyeshadows and 4 shimmery highlighters but let's be honest you could mix shades together to create the perfect eyeshadow or the perfect highlighter shades for you.

They are very pigmented and do look stunning on the eyelid, I have been testing these out for the past month or so and I do love all of these shades paired with my eye colour. I have been using the first eyeshadow shade non-stop since I got the palette and I have already hit pan but it is a great shade to use under the eyes to brighten those dark under-eye circles.

It was difficult to capture the true colour of the shades in the palette using the iPhone 6S camera because in some lights the shades look quite different. On the left is the palette with flash and on the right is the palette without using flash.  Using flash, the shimmery shades look even more vibrant and shimmery and I think taking pictures wearing this eyeshadow will make it really stand out.

Although the shades are stunning, I have found flaws with this palette. First of all, I am not fond of the smell of the eyeshadows. It may sound like I'm being weird and picky but I usually like the smell of makeup, such as the smell of some foundations but honestly these eyeshadows and highlighters smell like the smell when you walk into your nana's house, it kinda smells like that but with a cheap smell to it as well. You obviously cannot smell the eyeshadows once they are on your eyelid so don't be put off by that. I can only smell it when I put my nose right upto it.

Another flaw I have found is that these eyeshadows and highlighters have quite a chalky consistency. It doesn't bother me too much but I would prefer it if they were more creamier. Applying too much of a shadow on the lid can look cakey because of the chalkiness but if blended out well, it looks fine.

I did some swatches on my wrist of all the shades. On the left is all the highlighter shades. My favourite highlighter shade is the first and second shade combined as it gives me the perfect glow. They are very pigmented and are noticeable on the cheekbone. On the right is all the eyeshadows. My favourite shades are the gold and copper ones as paired together on the lid make my eye colour really stand out.

Overall, I am pleased with this palette. It is affordable and I think it is currently on sale on the bh cosmetics website here. Because I live in the UK, I did have to pay for shipping making it a total of $18 which was around just over £12. I wouldn't re purchase this product again mainly because I think that there are better highlighter and gold eyeshadows out there for a similar price but I do recommend it if you are thinking of trying out this palette for yourself.

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My Top 10 Songs - February

Friday, 19th February

Hello, sorry I haven't posted on my blog in almost 2 weeks, I have been super busy. Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 songs that I have been loving this month. I know it's only the middle of the month but I wanted to share them with you anyway.


9. Zara Larsson - Lush Life

8. Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont

 7. Feel This Way - Philip George & Dragonette

6. Don't - Bryson Tiller

5. Exchange - Bryson Tiller

4. Consideration - Rihanna ft SZA

3. Magnets (A-Trak Remix) - Disclosure ft Lorde

2. In The Night - The Weeknd 

1. Yeah, I Said It - Rihanna

My childhood idol/favourite artist was Rihanna from the age of around 9. She then disappeared in the music industry for a while and I ended up not listening to her music anymore. She recently released her newest album 'ANTI' and honestly, I love it. 'Yeah, I said it' and 'Consideration' are my two favourites from the album and I think it is underrated.

Please give her album a listen, you'll either love it or hate it.

Thanks for reading, 


Nivea Men Shave Balm Primer

Sunday, 7th February

Hello. Today, I am going to review the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm. About a month ago, I bought this product as I have heard many, many, many reviews circling the internet and especially from NikkiTutorials on how this product is amazing as a primer at making the makeup stick to your face. In one of Nikki's tutorials on youtube, she explains how this product has glycerin which helps the makeup stick to the face to make it last all day.

I have been using this product for about a month now and I am very pleased with the results. At first, I was very skeptical. I wasn't familiar with primers in the first place anyway but also the fact that this is much cheaper than many other primers and you get a lot in the bottle made me question how good this product actually is. At first, I hated it. It was making my face extremely oily and my makeup felt like it was sliding all over the place and it was not lasting all day. I stopped using it for about a week and decided to try it again. I somehow love it now. It actually works and compared to when I decide to not wear it, you can see a difference and my makeup looks so much shittier when I don't use it.

As I am quite new to using primers, I haven't used many other primers to be able to compare with this product. I do have a mattifying primer but that has a completely different texture to it and it doesn't make my makeup last as long as this primer does.

I put about a 5p amount on my finger and then gently rub it into my face in circular motions until it feels quite tacky. When I first used this product I was confused to tell when it would feel tacky but after about a week of using it, I knew when it was ready for me to apply my foundation.

It smells manly. I actually love the smell of this but don't worry about the manly smell because as soon as you start to rub it into the face, the smell disappears almost instantly.

You do get a lot of product in this bottle for a cheap price and I wonder if Nivea will make this formula into a primer and I wonder if they will increase the price of it in the future.

I definitely recommend this as a primer. I would say if you are feeling skeptical like I was at first, just go for it because it is cheaper than a lot of other primers at the drugstore and you will not end up being disappointed.

Let me know your thoughts on this product as a primer and if there are any other primers that you love.

Thanks for reading,


Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Thursday, 4th February

Today I would like to share with you the make up brushes I have been loving lately. About a month ago, I decided to buy the Real Techniques sculpting set and I must say, it is one of the best buys I have ever made. 
This set was relatively cheap, it retails at around £20 depending where you buy it from. I bought mine from Superdrug on an offer of buy one get one half price. 

All of these 3 brushes are exactly the brushes I was looking for and I was extremely pleased when it came in a set instead of having to buy them separately. I don't know why I hadn't decided to buy it before.

The set comes with a sculpting brush, fan brush and a setting brush. The sculpting brush is by far my favourite and this is the brush I use to apply contour. I am so so pleased with how amazing this fan brush works from this set because I also have a cheap fan brush which doesn't work at all. And finally, the setting brush is also an amazing buy. I have dark under eye circles so I find it essential for me to powder my concealer under my eyes. I used to use the contour brush which comes in the Real Techniques core collection set to powder but I found it was a bit big and it was applying far too much powder under my eyes. This setting brush is similar in shape to the contour brush but is a lot smaller and is perfect for setting my concealer. 

The brushes are quite dense but are very fluffy. The brushes do not malt like how some cheap brushes do and I find that the whole of the Real Techniques brushes range are amazing at applying my makeup.

I extremely recommend any of the Real Techniques brushes as they are relatively cheap and are affordable. These 3 brushes are my favourite brushes from the whole range, but I think that might be because applying contour and highlight is my favourite part about doing my makeup. 

Please let me know on your thoughts on this set of brushes and what your favourite brushes are.

Thanks for reading, 


Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation Review

Saturday, 30th January

Today I am going to review the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation.

I think this is a new(ish) product from Maybelline. There is also a sponge brush applicator made to use with this foundation but when I was purchasing this foundation from the superdrug website, it wasn't there. As I was shopping online for a new foundation, a came across this product on Superdrug and was intrigued. I watched a couple of reviews of it on youtube and decided to get it for myself. I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and this is my review.

I am in the shade Ivory but I do believe that there is another shade which is lighter. The colour of this foundation matches my skin well (I am also an ivory shade in rimmel foundations and they are similar in colour).

As I have been wearing a primer with this product, I am not entirely sure on the long jevity of this foundation without using a primer. With a primer, I do find that my foundation is still on when I come home from college which means it lasts a good 8 hours.

The foundation is very thick but lightweight, it almost feels as if you're not wearing foundation in a sense. The consistency is smooth and not sticky, and it does have a velvety texture which allows it to be easily blendable. I find that you would need to powder over this as it can transfer onto clothes if not powdered.  However, I find that too much powder can make it look cakey.

I have an oily t-zone and nose and this foundation does mattify it at first but throughout the day, it gets super oily, but this is the case with most foundations for me.

Even though the foundation is thick when you apply it to your hand, it isn't thick on the face. It can be easily layered but I have to make sure it is blended so that my face doesn't cake.

I am pleased with the coverage of this foundation. I have really dark under eye circles and this foundation almost creates a smooth base for my concealer whilst further hiding my dark circles. It almost acts as a medium coverage concealer. However, I do not think this foundation works particularly well for blemishes and spots as those still peek through, this isn't a problem so much for me as I occasionally only get one or two blemishes here and there but it may be a factor that you consider for those wanting a thick coverage foundation but I do find that it does cancel out some of the redness on my cheeks.

It is quite a neutral colour. I do not find that it has a yellow or pink undertone to it which is perfect for my skin.


‣ Lightweight on the face
‣ Easily blendable
‣ Medium(ish) coverage on dark circles
‣ Slightly mattifies the face
‣ Lasts with a primer
‣ Neutral undertone


‣ Although it is blendable, this can be a disadvantage as it can easily transfer onto clothes and hands
‣ Doesn't control the oil on my t-zone and nose
‣ May not last as long without a primer
‣ Poor coverage on blemishes and spots
‣ Too many layers/Too much powder can cause it to cake

Overall, I am enjoying using this foundation but I may not repurchase it in the future.

Let me know what you think about this foundation (if you have it) or which foundation you are loving (if you wear it).

Thanks for reading,


The Body Shop Glazed Apple

Tuesday, 26th January

Okay, so I went a little crazy buying the glazed apple scent from The Body Shop. This scent, along with the blueberry scent from The Body Shop is by far my favourite they've created.
The scent is sweet but not sickly and it smells very much like apples. I love it.

I thought I would share with you the things I got (it's not that many things, honest.)

For christmas, I decided to treat myself to a mini set of the glazed apple products and this is where I first discovered this amazing scent. It was a set of a mini shower gel and mini body butter. I have used the shower gel already that came with it and one of the small body butters which is now half empty!

For my birthday, I received that big green apple tin with that red ribbon filled with 4 mini glazed apple treats inside it, from my mum. I have already used the scrub that came with it and the shower gel which is now half empty. You also get a mini shimmer lotion and mini body butter in it aswell. I don't think this is available from their website any more, hopefully it will come back next year.

During January, The Body Shop had half-priced everything in their christmas range which has saved me a lot of money. So, I decided to buy the big shimmer lotion which was only £4 instead of £8.

Last week, I decided to make a purchase from their website, I bought 3 body scrubs (Yes, 3!) - 2 glazed apple and 1 frosted plum (which also smells amazing btw) for only £7.50 each! I ended up spending £22.50 on the 3 scrubs instead of a huge £45, the glazed apple body butter which was only £7 reduced from £14, and the glazed apple lip balm reduced from £4 to £2.

I really recommend checking out The Body Shop glazed apple range and I believe some of their items are still on sale. 

Let me know which scent is your favourite from The Body Shop. 

Thanks for reading, 


My Top 10 Songs - January

Monday, 18th January

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

This is my first blog post of 2016 and I wanted to kickstart my blog by introducing my top 10 favourite songs that I am LOVING at the moment. My favourite genre is house music but I am also a fan girl of Years&Years. Justin Bieber, 5SOS, The Weeknd, and others. I do have many other songs that I have been loving but these are just my top 10 so far. I will share with you my top 10 favourite songs each month and I hope you enjoy my suggestions. 

Please let me know if you liked any of the songs I picked and tell me what your favourite song at the moment is!:)

P.S. I didn't want to ruin the 10 song list by making it my top 11 songs, but I wanted to add another song you should definitely go and check out because I am obsessed with it at the moment.
Together - Cazzette 

Thanks for reading,