Real Techniques Sculpting Set


Thursday, 4th February

Today I would like to share with you the make up brushes I have been loving lately. About a month ago, I decided to buy the Real Techniques sculpting set and I must say, it is one of the best buys I have ever made. 
This set was relatively cheap, it retails at around £20 depending where you buy it from. I bought mine from Superdrug on an offer of buy one get one half price. 

All of these 3 brushes are exactly the brushes I was looking for and I was extremely pleased when it came in a set instead of having to buy them separately. I don't know why I hadn't decided to buy it before.

The set comes with a sculpting brush, fan brush and a setting brush. The sculpting brush is by far my favourite and this is the brush I use to apply contour. I am so so pleased with how amazing this fan brush works from this set because I also have a cheap fan brush which doesn't work at all. And finally, the setting brush is also an amazing buy. I have dark under eye circles so I find it essential for me to powder my concealer under my eyes. I used to use the contour brush which comes in the Real Techniques core collection set to powder but I found it was a bit big and it was applying far too much powder under my eyes. This setting brush is similar in shape to the contour brush but is a lot smaller and is perfect for setting my concealer. 

The brushes are quite dense but are very fluffy. The brushes do not malt like how some cheap brushes do and I find that the whole of the Real Techniques brushes range are amazing at applying my makeup.

I extremely recommend any of the Real Techniques brushes as they are relatively cheap and are affordable. These 3 brushes are my favourite brushes from the whole range, but I think that might be because applying contour and highlight is my favourite part about doing my makeup. 

Please let me know on your thoughts on this set of brushes and what your favourite brushes are.

Thanks for reading, 


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